Oriental Cockroach

Common Name: Oriental Cockroach Scientific Name: Blatta Orientallis Size 32mm


Biology: Not such a prolific breeder as the German cockroach, the female usually deposits her egg case within about 30 hours after it is formed. It is either dropped or glued to something in a warm protected area close to a food source, for example; microwaves, ovens and fridge freezers. Development time is dependent upon temperature but it takes a male 575 and a female 602 days on average at room temperature.

Once the treatment has been carried out it is advised that the areas treated cannot be cleaned for at least 2-3 weeks and any dead roaches found after the treatment are left alone as other cockroaches will eat them and ingest the insecticide and die as a result of second generation poisoning.

Habits: In many areas this cockroach can survive quite well outside but does live mostly inside. They are found most times in cellars, voids and anywhere there is readily available food source. They feed on all types of food and decaying organic matter. Cockroaches will also feed on there own faeces, eye lashes and human fingernails as for just a few examples.

Treatment: The treatment for cockroaches can take several visits to eradicate a current infestation, especially if it has been left to worsen with time. After a full inspection of the property a full insecticidal spray is carried out in all the badly affected areas, along with a gel bait insecticide applied in all areas where the cockroaches are active. Large insect monitors are also put down to trap as many as possible, the insect monitors play a vital roll through out the treatment as on each visit they are inspected and when we finally find no cockroaches on the monitors, we can determine that the infestation is cleared.

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