Contract Services - Standard Service

This service is designed for commercial, industrial and retail premises. The service provides high standards of pest control and documented reports of work carried out.

Pests covered by this service

Brown rat, Black rat, House mice, Oriental cockroach, German cockroach, American cockroach, Crickets, Larder beetle, Silver fish and Firebrats. Additional pests may be included by agreement between the client and Power Pest Control.

Part of our Standard Service will consist of the following:

Control service

  • Eight detailed inspections and treatments per annum at regular intervals of the premises covered by this service
  • Precautionary baits will be maintained and changed regularly in all areas of high risk
  • Infestations by the scheduled pests will be treated as necessary. A follow up inspection will be carried out to ensure the successful control of a rodent infestation within fourteen days
  • Infestations by pests other than those listed above will be reported to the client together with recommendations for eradication.

Report service

On every visit to premises being serviced, the staff of Power Pest Control will:

  • On arrival report to the nominated pest control representative to discuss any reports of infestations
  • At the end of each inspection, complete the Power Pest Control treatment/inspection report detailing any infestations found and any conditions which could adversely affect the control of pests on the premises
  • Discuss any findings with the nominated pest control representative
  • On every visit a copy of the detailed report carried out by staff of Power Pest Control will be left in your report folder supplied by us.